Custom Pieces

We can specialize your plaque with assorted photos...placed under plexiglass with your custom engraving. Please call for quote.

Your choice of tool can be attached. You can supply the tool or we will be glad to get one for you. This plaque is a 12" X 15" walnut.

Four column trophies, your choice of figurine...includes solid metal cups. Call for quote.

A 10.5" silver plated wine cooler attached to a walnut base. Wine cooler can be engraved or not, your choice. Please call for quote.

Chili cook-off trophies...can be your choice of figurines (basketball, golf, baseball, victory, ect.) We can make assorted sizes. You can choose color (colors) of columns.

Same photo as above.

These are medium Arkansas plaques. You can use any figurine, your choice. Example: golf, victory, baseball, special recognition, etc. The Arkansas plaque approx. size 10"X9" on a walnut base. On this special recognition award the customer choose laser red marbleized brass, gold letters with a gold boarder. Please call for quote.

A 13'x20" walnut plaque with a metal casting, signatures lasered on gold plate below casting. Please call for quote.

A gold plated football, also available in basketball and soccer, on a walnut base. The plaque is an 8x10 walnut/lasered black brass/gold boarder. Please call or e-mail for quote.

This special order trophy has an acrylic oval on top. The lazered images can only be duplicated from a line-drawing. We can get that done for you from your crisp, clean photo. The trophy is a rosewood piano finish, over-all size approx 24" tall. Please call for quote and turn-around time.

A 9"x12" rosewood piano finish. Laser black brass/gold boarder. Please call for quote.

A special designed 13"x20" solid walnut plaque/maltese plaque attached/laser red marblized brass/gold boarder. Please call for quote.

An 8"x10" with your text lasered into the wood and on the handle of gavel.

An anniversary plaque, this size is 12"x15"/ebony piano finish/ engraving plate under photo. You furnish photo, we attach under plexiglass.

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